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Smile – you’re on candid camera!

We love a behind the scenes candid photo at Right Lines. Over the weekend, Chris was working at the Siglion Sunderland City Half Marathon and 10K events and happened to be in the main events centre when charity fundraising legend Colin Burgin-Plews – aka Big Pink Dress – arrived, needing somewhere to change into his special St. Benedict’s Hospice creation.


It’s quite a task for Colin to get into his costumes, let alone tackle a 10K, half marathon or even a marathon while wearing them. However, he managed to squeeze into his corset and then complete the transformation, before heading out onto the course to raise money for the hospice and meet his adoring fans!


Great work Colin, and well done to everyone involved in the Sunderland City Runs event, which was the biggest to date. The weather helped bring out big crowds of spectators and there were record numbers of runners across the various races.


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