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Eight days, four events, one very busy team

8 days montage 2

When I glanced at my calendar at the start of March, it dawned on me that there was the distinct possibility that the end of the month could see Right Lines organising four media events in the space of eight days, for different clients and in various locations around the country. Here we are on 29th March and lo that did indeed come to pass (unlike the ‘B’ word).

The nature of PR means that plans can change quickly and other, unrelated ‘stuff’ has a habit of happening too. So, although I took a deep breath when I noted the imminent event logjam, I knew that the Right Lines team could deal with the challenges ahead. The bottom line is that four of our clients were relying on us to deliver important events for them and it was our job to make sure that each of them was a success (while also ensuring that work for other clients didn’t get neglected). 

Looking back now, I know that we achieved that aim – and we had quite a lot of fun along the way. 

We popped down to a converted Art Deco cinema in London to marvel at climbing sensation Molly Thompson-Smith.


We Dash!-ed to Beamish Museum for the launch of a primary school athletics initiative.


We spent time walking in the Lake District with celebrity spaniels Max, Paddy and Harry to highlight the fundraising that some Keswick Mountain Festival goers will do for the National Trust.

l-r Becky Powell, Gillian Pimblett, Kerry Irving and spaniels, Rob Webster and Jessie Binns at Ashness Bridge

We helped Paula Radcliffe launch her new Families on Track concept, which will make its global debut during July’s Durham City Run Festival.

Emily Smith takes the baton from Paula Radcliffe at the launch of Families on Track in Durham

Phew!  I’m shattered just thinking about all of that.

A bit like Paula and the children in the photo at the top of this article, our feet haven’t touched the ground at times during the last eight days (metaphorically, and literally on occasion), but it’s been a huge privilege to work on these projects with some brilliant people (and pooches!), and we get a real buzz out of seeing and hearing the resulting coverage when it appears in the media. Of course, we don’t work in isolation and each of the above events was possible thanks to some very effective collaborations, but the Right Lines team loves being at the heart of that, making things happen and thoroughly enjoying the process.

However, it is fair to say that we’re looking forward to the weekend and a slightly less frenetic start to April (famous last words…).

Chris, 29.03.19.


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