Right Lines Communications – 8 n/o

Eight not out.

The moment snuck up on us and then quietly skulked away, but it didn’t escape our notice that last week, Right Lines turned eight. In this strangest of years, we decided to put the big party plans on hold and simply got on with the business of doing business. We’re a family firm and last week also saw the return to school and college, with our three youngsters studying in different locations, each grappling with new arrangements for drop-off and collection. All of this – plus the youngest Lines boy’s obsession with playing cricket in the back garden whenever possible – pushed birthday celebrations to the back of our minds for a few days.

So far, we seem to be managing school, college and cricket quite smoothly (famous last words!), so we can briefly pause for breath and reflect on the latest milestone for Right Lines. As ever, we are very grateful to our wonderful clients who trust us to represent them, and to our friends in the media who help us to reach diverse audiences with news and stories about great products, events, adventures, campaigns and much more.

We have all faced some additional and unusual challenges in 2020, but it has been a pleasure and a privilege to navigate a way through those googlies together with colleagues in the industry, working closely with some brilliant organisations and individuals. Our team has continued to learn, improve and try new ‘stuff’, while never betraying what we believe are the core principles of excellent, honest communications, and always committed to staying on the ethical path in the way that we do business.

And Right Lines will keep on keeping on, after a quick, belated break to toast eight very fulfilling years. In the greater scheme of everything, our innings is a short one so far, but it’s certainly been eventful, and we’re ready to dig in and play plenty more shots in the future.

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