Seven years

Right Lines is seven! Our official birthday is 1st September and as that was a Sunday this year, it almost snuck past us. We were enjoying a day of rest (in the case of Chris/Catherine, for ‘rest’ read ‘tidying up the house after unpacking from a family break, taking the youngest Lines to a cricket tournament, trying to rescue various flowers and crops that took a battering in recent bad weather, catching up on All About Words orders, and going for a run – but definitely no work’).

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Anyway, here we are seven years on and in fine fettle. That’s thanks to a brilliant team (though we do say so ourselves), some great clients and a lot of hard work, fuelled by a passion for what we do, and for doing it well. When we set up shop, basking in the afterglow of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we did so in a national climate (business, politics, society in general) that felt relatively optimistic. While that atmosphere may well have been serving to paper over deep cracks that have since been exposed and then ruthlessly mined and exploited, the contrast to the wider context now is pretty stark. Nevertheless, Right Lines remains positive and excited about future plans.

Seventh birthday

Our logo has a colour scheme that is not dissimilar to that of the European Union. This is actually a complete coincidence. Its roots lie in a Lines (and darts!) related pun – ‘Double Yellow’ – and the fact that the shade of yellow we chose works really well with dark blue. However, we’re very happy about that coincidence, particularly now. Right Lines is proud to be from Sedgefield, in County Durham, at the heart of North East England, a vibrant region of England, part of the United Kingdom, and in Europe. Whatever the future holds politically, our attitude and outlook will not change.

But enough of that, and back to the important job of celebrating another milestone (or ‘yearstone’) – where’s the cake?

> Chris.

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