Plogging comes to Sedgefield, via Malmö

September 2018 was a hectic month for Right Lines Communications. Hot on the heels of the launch of Berghaus’ ‘Time to Get Out’ campaign, we were busy publicising the Worcester City Run events, before jetting off to Malmö for the 2018 European Outdoor Summit, the annual event organised by the European Outdoor Group that brought together over 300 delegates for presentations and workshops on major issues facing the outdoor industry.

As well as being a great event for many other reasons, the summit included a keynote presentation by Erik Ahlström, the Swedish founder of ‘plogging’ (picking up litter while jogging). I had been planning to get a plogging group started in Sedgefield for some time, but meeting Erik was the final nudge that I needed to kick-start it. Like many of the best ideas (in business and in life in general), plogging is a very simple concept and it’s a win-win – a great (and very accessible) way to keep active while making a positive contribution to the community. 

Chris Lines with founder of plogging Erik Ahlstrom in Malmo at the European Outdoor Summit
Chris meets Erik Ahlstrom, founder of plogging, at the European Outdoor Summit 

So, Sedgefield Ploggers is now up and, er, plogging.  We held a successful first plog and others are already in the pipeline. We’re fortunate that Sedgefield is actually pretty tidy (thanks to everyone who keeps it that way!), but in just 30 minutes our ploggers filled about a dozen bags with litter – there’s always some around in any community!

Proto Plog montage
The Sedgefield Ploggers’ ‘Proto Plog’ was a big success!

I’m hoping that Sedgefield Ploggers will grow organically and won’t need much steering over time. The equipment is basic (gloves, bags and, for reasons that become apparent once one has experienced a plog, a cow bell!) and arranging plogs is easy to do. I’d be happy to share tips with anyone who is interested, or join them for a plog if they’re in the vicinity of Sedgefield!


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