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‘Time to Get Out’, #itsgreatoutthere, #GetOutside – when the outdoor stars align

Berghaus - Time to Get Out - Instagram - landscape

The Right Lines team has been very busy on a major project recently, working as part of a bigger group involving Berghaus, Pentland Brands, MediaCom North and creative agency VCCP. Our collective task has been to launch a new brand marketing campaign called ‘Time to Get Out’. The advertising has now gone live across the UK and is the biggest campaign of its type that Berghaus has ever undertaken.

‘Time to Get Out’ urges the public to escape the superficial aspects of modern life by reconnecting with others in the outdoors. Designed to build a strong emotional link with consumers, it addresses the stresses of today’s society and offers a solution. 

We love the use of the specially commissioned paintings, combined with provocative messages and the ‘Time to Get Out’ call to action. The campaign is bold, different, witty and very elegant and at Right Lines, we believe that it’s going to make a big impact.

‘Time to Get Out’ also has great synergy with two other major projects that Right Lines (and Berghaus) is involved in – #itsgreatoutthere and National #GetOutside Day.  Both of these initiatives have been created as unifying umbrella campaigns that anyone can participate in.

#Itsgreatoutthere is a pan-European campaign that is being led by the It’s Great Out There Coalition (founded by the European Outdoor Group), an International Non Profit Association that is working to promote outdoor participation and play a big role in fighting the inactivity epidemic that is sweeping the continent.

Take Someone Outdoors 2018

Using competitions such as #takesomeoneoutdoors, the campaign is currently building up to the European Commission’s (EC) annual European Week of Sport (EWoS), from 23rd-30th September, leading on behalf of the outdoor sector and making sure that #itsgreatoutthere plays a prominent role in the overall #beactive activity. That work is really important in demonstrating to policy makers at the EC that the outdoors should be a core part of any major initiative to promote more active lifestyles.

National GetOutside Day email banner

Meanwhile, UK National #GetOutside Day is the brainchild of Ordnance Survey and is aiming to get one million people active in the outdoors on Sunday 30th September. It’s an ambitious objective, but there’s a huge collective will within the UK’s outdoor industry for it to succeed, and a wide array of opportunities for organisations and individuals to get involved at any level. The project is very dynamic and accessible, and beautifully aligned with other efforts to promote outdoor participation.

Like #GetOutside and #itsgreatoutthere, ‘Time to Get Out’ can play a really important role in inspiring more people to step away from all of ‘this’ (yes, including this lovely website, and whatever device you’re browsing it on) for a while to experience and embrace the outdoors. That is to be warmly applauded.

Right Lines Communications is delighted to be involved in all three of the above projects, working with great teams of people who are passionate about the outdoors and the positive role that spending time there can have on everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Read more about ‘Time to Get Out’ here.

Berghaus - Time to Get Out - Emoji - landscape

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