Oh the glamour!

At Right Lines, I am fortunate to meet some fantastic people and work on a few amazing projects, including events like the recent ‘An Audience With Daley’ in aid of COCO (Comrades of Children Overseas). That gave me the opportunity to dress up in a dinner suit and mix with some sporting stars, including the great Daley Thompson himself and other Olympic and world champions like Lord Seb Coe, Paula Radcliffe, Denise Lewis and Steve Cram.

In that context, I can show off some glamorous photos from the red carpet photocall ahead of the event.

And because I took the opportunity to bring my family to London for a short break either side of the COCO event, I was also able to capture a photo of two of my sons with a couple of sporting legends!

1846123_orig (1)

All very nice, I hope that people will agree. However, I can never afford to ‘switch off’ at events like this, particularly when thinking about photography. The big media banner behind everyone on the red carpet had a nice and prominent COCO logo in its top right hand corner, but because the banner was curved and because of the angle that we had to position it, there was the potential for the kind of photo that politicians and celebrities dread. Look at the test shot below and use your imagination…


So, fast forward to the red carpet photocall and I stepped in to the breach, as it were, which didn’t puncture the glamour of the situation for me. Oh no, not at all…


5109173_orig (1)

It was all worthwhile of course. The event raised over £30,000 for a great charity and generated a great feature in the next issue of Athletics Weekly. The job, as they say, was a good ‘un (and the rest of the night was fantastic fun!).

By Chris Lines



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