Birthday reflections

Right Lines is celebrating its second birthday this week, which is quite exciting. First of all, it’s great to have run a viable business for two years. When I set up the company, the experience was a first for me, so I was starting on a genuine voyage of discovery and making quite a leap of faith (two clichés for the price of one there). I was very fortunate to be working with some great clients from day one (hat tips to Berghaus, the European Outdoor GroupKeswick Mountain Festival and Sunderland City 10K), who put their trust in me and that helped establish the business on a sound footing. I was also extremely grateful for the support of Ean Parsons at Parsons Containers, who helped me to find an office home for Right Lines (not in a container, I should add!).

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since September 2012 – time flies and all that. We only have two permanent members of staff and we are married to each other. This has many plus points, but also brings with it significant challenges. Balancing work and home life can be difficult and taking a proper holiday is nigh on impossible. However, I think we’ve managed pretty well overall and it’s been hugely fulfilling so far.

I’m sure we’ve made mistakes and I bet that we will make some more. However, (in my humble opinion) I also think that we’ve done a pretty good job during the last two years and have served our clients very well (hi clients – if you’re reading this, I hope that you agree!). We’re also absolutely committed to improving all the time, delivering even better results for long term and new clients, in every sector in which we work. Thanks to everyone (customers, media, collaborators, suppliers, family, friends and more) who has contributed to and supported the first two years of Right Lines Communications and we look forward to the future.  And thanks to All About Words for the lovely card!

But now, for a brief moment, I think we’ll pause and sing happy birthday to ourselves. I do hope that no-one is watching, as that might look a little odd…

By Chris Lines

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