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Those were the weeks that were

Wow! September has been relentless. By the way, I’m not complaining about that, but it’s certainly been a plate-spinning challenge for all at Right Lines. From conversations that I’ve had with friends and colleagues, we’re not alone in having that experience.

From early 2020, events of any consequence disappeared off calendars, and they have only really just started to resume in earnest. We love providing PR and other communications support to events, so it’s been brilliant to be able to start doing that again. It’s a good job we enjoy it, because September has been replete with great event after event after event.

From the always sunny Worcester City Runs to the ever incredible Montane Dragon’s Back Race to the magical Keswick Mountain Festival to the welcome return of the Outdoor Industries Association Conference, I haven’t had a chance to pause for breath. That’s apart from a quick ‘break’ to take on the 40th Great North Run with my sister and (for the first time) son.

Sure, it’s been hard work, but I’ve relished every moment and I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in such a sustained sequence of events during which everyone involved appears to be so happy (even while taking on the knife edge of Crib Goch in 30 degrees of heat, as all the Dragon’s Back Race runners had to on day one of the event)!

It’s really good to be back and working with some brilliant people and organisations, though I confess that I’m glad everything has calmed down a bit now, well, except for the Kielder Marathon weekend and OutDoor by ISPO early next month, then Kendal Mountain Festival with Berghaus in November, then… 😉

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