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Words and Lines, Lines and words

A lot of the work that Right Lines does involves words, primarily using them to develop and share news and stories about our clients. We love crafting copy, from expansive features to concise tweets. Using words effectively is very much our stock in trade. So, it is entirely appropriate that Mrs Right Lines (Catherine) has her own enterprise called All About Words, and of course we were delighted to help launch the brand’s new Christmas collection recently.

Catherine Lines with her All About Words Christmas collection

Catherine makes bespoke, personalised cards and other festive gifts using a selection of words chosen by each customer. She started All About Words in 2013, initially as a hobby when she couldn’t find a card that she liked for a friend. While software has been around for some years that generates word art, it has many limitations. In contrast, Catherine produces pictures and cards by using a selection of words that are special to each customer and creating unique artwork. Since taking the decision to turn All About Words into a business, she has invested in a high-quality printer and equipment, along with hundreds of font typefaces and images, plus a series of original characters drawn by Junior Right Lines (aka Ciaran). It’s a bit of a family affair really!

The All About Words Christmas collection launch appears to have been very well received and we’ve managed to generate some nice media coverage for Catherine (phew!), such as this lovely piece by the Northern Echo and a great mention in the Pickle & Pocket Christmas gift guide. Of course, the fundamental reason that the press release has been picked up is that the source material is strong – an interesting story about local enterprise, combined with good products and decent quality photos. Without those elements we would have struggled, however many words we threw at the challenge!

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