Our first award

Right Lines Communications doesn’t chase awards for itself.  I have never dismissed the value of industry gongs and I certainly understand the merits of celebrating excellence.  However, I have always been cautious about entering awards schemes as an agency.  I take the view that the work that my company does is best recognised in the success of clients.  I’m not playing the ‘holier than thou’ card – I have been responsible for drafting award entries at agencies in the past (some successful, some not) and I am sure that I will do it again here at some point.  But wherever I have worked, we have always been measured in our engagement with awards hunting and only submitted our very best work for consideration.

Personally (and I say this as someone who has been a client in the past), I am slightly cynical about PR or marketing agencies that spend a lot of time (and in some cases money) chasing multiple gongs to boast about.  It seems to me that companies should focus on delivering results for their clients – do that, and the rewards (and in some cases awards) ought to follow.  And of course, some of that delivering might involve preparing entries for consumer and trade awards on behalf of clients.  I have done a fair bit of that over the years and in those cases, I am sure that I get as much of a buzz out of each win as the company that collects the award.

​Bearing all of the above in mind, I was really delighted when Right Lines was recently crowned Best Public Relations Company in the MyOutdoors Awards 2016. We didn’t send in an entry for this award and we didn’t lobby for it (I am sure that neither would have been welcomed by MyOutdoors anyway!).  We just did our job, and leading outdoor platform MyOutdoors adjudged that we did it well enough to earn this plaudit.

​Here’s part of the testimonial from MyOutdoors editor Dave Mycroft: “The foundation of Right Lines’ output is clear, concise and publishing-ready content that makes the work required from editors minimal, but beyond that the company combines industry leading response times for enquiries with a personal touch that makes every individual editor feel as though they’re getting preferential treatment.”

​Thanks Dave – that’s really encouraging to read.  It encapsulates a big part of what Right Lines Communications sets out to do.  Be assured, we will not be resting on these lovely award-shaped laurels, very welcome though they are.  Right Lines will continue to work harder than ever to provide the media with high quality, relevant and timely material, and in doing so deliver excellent results for our clients.

​You can find details of all of the award winners, and read the full testimonial for ours, on the MyOutdoors website, which includes honourable mentions for some of our fine colleagues in the PR industry.

​Thanks again to MyOutdoors for the award – Right Lines is humbled, honoured and delighted to be recognised in this way.

By Chris Lines

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