Jenny Hudson – my time at Right Lines

I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to do eight days work experience at Right Lines Communications based in Sedgefield.

Chris Lines, the Director, was very welcoming and any initial nerves were soon dispelled. Chris involved me from the outset in meaningful tasks which I found most helpful. I was thrown into the deep end and within the first hour I was asked to write a press release on my own. He gave me guidance and direction while allowing me the freedom to  use my own initiative. I am pleased that during the two weeks I was given a variety of interesting tasks to complete. I was responsible for writing several press releases and sending them out to relevant journalists. In doing so I became more competent in a number of computer software programs such as Photoshop and Excel. I have been shown a precise way of formatting press releases and my composition skills have improved.

I was responsible for carrying out independent research on a number of current projects and from this I was taught how to organise my findings efficiently.  I found myself speaking to editors of major magazines directly which is an indication of the trust that was placed in me.  I found this process daunting at first, but I am glad that Chris gave me the opportunity to challenge myself.  What I found most enjoyable and useful of all was that I was invited to shadow a meeting with an editor and help
organise a publicity event.  This first-hand experience was invaluable and helped me to understand the PR industry in more depth.  Prior to the meeting and publicity event, Chris took the time to explain the process clearly and answered the relevant questions I had.

I feel that this work experience process has been mutually beneficial in that I have contributed in a small way to the running of the company while gaining a valuable insight into the world of outdoor and sports PR.

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